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Tagged by :iconirishbecky: 

1. What is your name?

2. Why are you named that?

no reason

3. What is your favorite food?


4. Who is your favorite YouTuber?


 5. What is your favorite type of underwear?

ok that's a weird question. but I guess panties.


6. If you could have any model in the world, what would it be?

I'm basically the model, for the men that are very annoying.

 7. Are you in a relationship?


8. If you were a transformer, what side would you be on and what alt mode?

I don't like transformers.

9. Are you in school?

no, I'm glad I'm not in school no more.

10. How old are you?


11. What is you favorite video game?

don't really have one

12. Favorite TV show(s)?

man there's so many shows that I favor, I can't choose.

13. TV shows that you hate.

baby shows, reality shows, cop shows, most murder mystery shows such as criminal minds.


14. Favorite Sports?

Volley ball, besides the fact that I usually play it at the beach which guys constantly stare at me.

 15. Do you like cake?

Love it. XP

 16. If you were the different gender, what would you do?

I don't know, act like a dude I guess.


17. Who is you favorite actor?

Don't have one

 18. When is your Birthday?

February 14, which of course is Valentines Day, which I don't like. So many guys ask me to be their valentine.... Groan....

19. If you had one day left, what would you do?


20. Final question. Are you secretly a transformer?

I just told you, I don't like transformers.

I guess that was fun. Still not sure about the question about underwear, that makes me feel really uncomfortable....

I tag: :iconcanonfart:


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United States
Sup bros, I'm 51Sonic and I just wanted to talk about myself a little bit. I love the game Call of Duty, especially the zombie mode, it's pretty much the best mode in COD history to me. And I also like the game Mortal Kombat. And too I like bloody stuff like HTF, but not all the time though. And too, I love TF2, and Left 4 Dead. And also I love Anthros and Furries. And I love the youtubers YouAlwaysWin, Veturiantale, Tobuscus, Smosh, Glozell, and Markiplier!
Heres the links to all of the youtube channels:

Well I don't have anything else to say. Zombie Stabbing - Stamp by CodyRiolu I love Nazi Zombies Stamp by QueenJellybeany :thumb195082804: DIE ZOMBIES stamp by muddyputty Nazi Zombie Stamp by Burned-Ink Black Ops 2 stamp by Coley-sXe Call of Duty: Black Ops by ZangRap Call of Duty 5 World At War by 3enzo Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 by ZangRap Tank Dempsey Jugger-Girl by RuthlessDreams CoD: Black Ops: Ray Gun by RuthlessDreams TF2 - Medic by coffeefanatic3462 TF2-Archimedes stamp thingy by UnicornNinjas Sniper stamp by AzureReilight TF2 - RED Pyro by Stamps-By-Mephie TF2 - The Doctor Is In by Stamps-By-Mephie :thumb207908499: TF2 - 'Kill me' by Dragon-Minded PYROLAND! stamp by DarkDijinArtie89 Nope dot stamp by DannyCat-X3 Stamp: Zombie Apocalypse by ChibiZexion-VI Stamp - L4D - Hunter by NocturnalKitten
Hunter Stamp by Khamykc-Blackout Stamp - L4D - Witch by NocturnalKitten :thumb172510704: Left 4 Dead 2 Stamp by sonicxrules219 Anthro Artist Stamp by ClitoralDamage Stamp: Anthro ART! -Hybrids by carnival Anthro artist stamp by deviantStamps Anti Anthro Porn Stamp by StrawberryJuicie A Message to All Fangirls of NZ Slash by JumpinSoraa STAMP - Anti-NickxEllis by Ambrosiality Anti-slash stamp by Ghostwalker2061 Anti-yaoi-slash stamp by Kentayne :thumb338157772: DEATH THE KID by 80avatarfan80 :thumb122686174: Death the Kid Stamp by Hidan4eTheBest Soul Eater - Kid Stamp by CometTheMicroraptor Death the Kid Actual Stamp by 80avatarfan80 Twin Dance Stamp by 80avatarfan80 Ouran Highschool Host Club Stamp by DogFreak108 Ouran: Twins- Peek by Kaze-yo Ouran: Twins- Bothering Haruhi by Kaze-yo PeanutButterGamer Stamp by GreenFeline777 Team Fortress 2 Stamp by JourneytoRevenge Deadpool Stamp by aniphx Deadpool by Stampernaut :thumb372109938: Deadpool-Rocket Stamp by The-GreenGoblin Marvel Comics Deadpool Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman Deadpool Fan Stamp by Mario28037 Minecraft Stamp by kimbo2450 Minecraft Stamp by Ymeisnot Minecraft Love Stamp by smileystamps Minecraft Stamp by RandomTons :thumb259958077: Endermen Are Adorable Stamp by RainfallClan Enderman Stamp by Rebi-Valeska :thumb379540857: :thumb245978633: e p i c Smosh stamp by ViscountDevil Smosh ASSASSIN'S CREED 3 stamp by ingart15 I support Smosh by SusantheMartian Gmod Stamp by Midday-Mayhem GMod Melon Stamp by SupaSoldier Garry's Mod Stamp by TheRealBlack Garrys mod faces stamp by ArmaBiologica Jeff The Killer [STAMP] by The-MoonShadow jeff da killa stamp by x-nauts Anti Slenderman x Jeff the Killer stamp by Cageyshick05 :thumb438057504: Jeff The Killer Stamp by PPSMisia Jeff The Killer Stamp by PPSMisia love Creepy pasta stamp by D3lDARA-Resources Jeff The Killer Stamp by PPSMisia Creepypasta Stamp by NOKAPIplz :thumb367077899: Creepypasta Stamp by femmequartz Slenderman stamp by KillerSandy Pewdiepie didn't invent Slenderman by annoyedslendermanfan Stamp - The Slender Man by deaddoll00 :thumb344384507: Eyeless Jack Stamp by XxXCuteBunnyXxX :thumb444906430: Eyeless Jack Stamp by Unattentive-Teen Eyeless Jack Stamp by La-Mishi-Mish Eyeless Jack stamp (new) by akatten


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